busybanda.com (refers to “Site”) cares and protect policies of our sellers who may register with us. You may not allowed to post or sell item or material which is prohibited or restricted and offensive by the Indian Government in every jurisdiction. Product listing or selling policy are the general rules that a business’s person set to guide the product or service-selling effort. Please read these below conditions carefully before selling or listing of any product or services for sale on busybanda.com. By using the selling-effort on our platform, you signify your agreement to be bound by these conditions. This listing is not complete; as a seller, you are solely responsible for ensuring that you are not selling a product that may be non licet by law in any jurisdiction. busybanda.com has preferred to additionally restrict the listing of further types of items that may not be prohibited by law but are marked controversial including:

  • Items that encourage illegal activities
  • Items that do not offer physical product or services, such as digital currencies and advertisements for the purpose of collecting user’s information.
  • Stocks, bonds, securities, and investment interests.
  • Giveaways, lotteries, raffles or contests.
  • Pornographic material or items that are sexual in nature.

busybanda.com, in its exclusive and sole discretion, reserves all the right to impose extra prohibitions and restrictions.

1. Illicit drugs, Precursors and Drug Paraphernalia

We explicitly prohibit all things or sale of Narcotics, Tranquilizers, Psychotropic drugs, Natural drugs, Synthetic drugs, and other controlled substances. Such activity can result in your account being abolished. We also strictly prohibits the listing or selling of drug precursor i.e. a substance used to make illicit drugs. Any and All drug paraphernalia that is intended or modifying for making, using, or concealing drugs, typically for recreational purposes, are also strictly prohibited by us.

2. Flammable, Explosive and Hazardous Chemicals

The posting or selling of explosives and related ignition equipment, toxic and poisonous chemicals are strictly prohibited, on our platform, otherwise, your account may result in suspended. The selling, or offering for sale of hazardous or dangerous goods are strictly disallowed on our platform. The selling or listing of fireworks, firecrackers and associated products are strictly prohibited on our platform.

3. Firearms, Weapons and Ammunition

We, Lasting Software Pvt. (refers to “Private”) Ltd. (refers to “Limited”), strictly disallowed or prohibits to sell, offer for sale, or listing of associated weapons which may cause serious harm to others, are illegal by law. busybanda.com doesn’t permits to post, sale or list a manufacturing of product like air guns, stun guns, paintball guns, spear guns or any other weapons which will release any chemicals, gas or other explosive substances. We do not permit a seller to sell or promote any Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and prohibited on the Site. we shall maintain Absolute Discretion over what item are appropriate and may cause removal of a listing that it feels to be as a weapon.

4. Government, Law enforcement and Military-issue items

busybanda.com never permits the following items to be listed:

  • Articles of consumer goods or identification that claim to be, or seem the same as, official Government Uniforms.
  • Law Enforcement badges or official Law Enforcement from any Public Authority, Including Badges by the Government of any Country.
  • Military decorations, Medals, and Awards, additionally to things with considerably similar styles.
  • Police Uniforms and Police Insignia may not be posted unless they are obsolete and in no way resemble current issue Police Uniforms and Police Insignia. This fact must be clearly stated in the posting description.

5. Medical Drugs and Devices

The posting or promoting of the following pharmaceuticals or medical related-items are prohibited on busybanda.com (referred to as “website”):

  • Psychotropic drugs, narcotics and prescription drugs.
  • Selling or listing of Orally Administered or Ingested Sexual Enhancement foods and supplements.

Lasting Software Pvt. Ltd, (referred to as “Company”), never permits a seller to offer a sale of any unauthorized medical devices. Members may only post authorized medical devices after provision of appropriate production and sales permits.

6. Adult and Obscene Materials

  • The listing of pornographic materials on our website is strictly prohibited, as it violates Laws in many Countries. While pornography is difficult to define and standards vary from nation to nation, we generally follow guidelines accepted in India.
  • The listing of items depicting or suggestive of rape, incest or sex involving graphic violence or degradation, and any items suggestive of sex involving minors is strictly prohibited.
  • Listing, or promoting of adult products in an obscene manner violates the provision of Indian Penal Code on grounds of obscenity and we also strictly prohibits to sell and we may also delist the seller account.

7. Circumvention devices and other equipment used for illicit purposes

The listing of descramblers and other items which may be used to gain unauthorized access to television programming (such as satellite and cable TV), internet access, telephone, data or other protected, restricted, or premium services on the busybanda.com Websites is prohibited. A mere description that an item is for educational or test purposes will not legitimise an item that is otherwise prohibited. Some examples of items which are prohibited under this clause include:

  • Smart cards and card programmers.
  • Descramblers.
  • DSS emulators.
  • Hacking software.

Information on “how to” descramble or gain access to cable or satellite TV programming or different services while not authorization or payment is prohibited on our web site. busybanda.com policy is to prohibit any encouragement of this type of activity. The listing of devices designed to designedly block, jam or interfere with licensed radio communications, like cellular and private communication services, police radio detection and ranging, international positioning systems (GPS) and wireless networking services (Wi-Fi) is prohibited on our website. The listing of spy equipment and devices used for interception of wire, oral and electronic communications on website is prohibited. The listing of hidden photographic devices is permitted on the busybanda.com Websites, unless the devices are used for sexual or illicit purposes. The listing of bank card readers and “skimmers” on our Websites is strictly prohibited. Any And All Unauthorized Circumvention Devices Not Included In The Above Are Also Strictly Prohibited.

8. Illegal Services

Listings that claims to provide Government Services and related products are strictly prohibited. Examples include:

  • Official government issued identification documents such as birth certificates, driving licenses, passport and visas.
  • Completed applications for the above mentioned documents;
  • Any offering for sale or purchase of textile quotas.

We prohibits listing that offers financial services, including money transfer, bank guarantees and letter of credit, loans, fundraising, and funding for person investment purposes on busybanda.com is strictly prohibited.

busybanda.com is an online business to business platform; posting or promoting of any personal and non-business information on our website are prohibited.

9. Collections, Artifacts and Precious metals

  • The promoting, or offering for sale and purchase of currency, coins, stocks, bonds, crypto-currency, digital currency, banknotes, money orders, credit and debit cards, together with the materials used to produce such items, are strictly prohibited and offensive.
  • Artifacts, Cultural Relics, Historical Grave Markers and Related items are protected under the laws may not be posted or sold on our website.
  • Legal tenders, stamps, rough diamonds and conflict materials originating from non-compliant countries on the busybanda.com website, are strictly prohibited.

10. Human Parts, Human remains and Protected flora and fauna

We strictly prohibit the posting or selling of human body parts and remains. Example of such prohibited items include, but are not limited to: Organs, Bones, Blood. Items fabricated from human hair like wigs for industrial uses, square measure permissible. The listing or sale of any species or animal parts such as tusks, ivory, logs, internal organs, roots, skin and other parts protected by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) or any other local law or regulation on our website, is strictly prohibited. The listing of products made with any part of and/or containing any ingredient derived from sharks or marine mammals on the busybanda.com website is prohibited.

11. Offensive material and information detrimental to national security

Any sort of posting or listing of publications and other media containing State Secrets or information detrimental to national security or public order on the busybanda.com are strictly prohibited. Such activity may result in your account being suspended. Sellers and Purchasers should make sure that any verbiage used portrays applicable sensitivity to people who may browse it in their postings, and after they square measure giving or buying doubtless offensive items or services. Listings that are ethnically or racially offensive are prohibited on the Site.

12. Tobacco products

We strictly prohibited to posting or selling of tobacco products, including but not limited to cigarettes, pipe tobacco, cigars, cigarette tobacco, chewing tobacco, tobacco leaf and hookah tobacco on the Site.

13. Gambling Equipments

The listing or sale of apparatus specifically used for gambling is prohibited. Products that produce other legitimate uses like dice and enjoying cards can typically be allowable.

14. Sanctioned and Prohibited items

The products that are prohibited by laws, regulations, sanctions and trade restrictions in any relevant country or jurisdiction worldwide are strictly prohibited on busybanda.com.

15. Other Listing Prohibitions

We never permit a seller to promote or list any product containing harmful substances, are prohibited on the busybanda.com. Examples include:

  • The sale or listing of any form of receipts or invoices, is strictly disallowed on our site.
  • Job posting from which a company or institute may directly recruit employees is prohibited on the site.

16. Intellectual Property Rights

1. Faces, Names and Signatures

Items Containing The Likeness, Image, Name, Or Signature Of Another Person ar Prohibited, Unless the merchandise Were created Or commissioned By The Person Whose Likeness, Image, Name Or Signature Has Been Used.

2. Replica and Counterfeit Items

Listing Of Counterfeits, Non-Licensed Replicas, Or Unauthorized things, like Counterfeit Designer clothes, Watches, Handbags, Sunglasses, Or different Accessories, Is Strictly Prohibited On the positioning. If The product sold Bear The Name Or brand Of a corporation, however failed to Originate From Or weren’t supported By That Company, Such product ar Prohibited From The Site. Postings Of completed product ar permissible If A Certificate Of Authorization Has Been Issued By The Brand Owner. Postings giving To Sell Or Purchase Replicas, Counterfeits Or different Unauthorized things Shall Be Subject To. Repeated Postings Of Counterfeit Or Unauthorized things Shall end in The Immediate Suspension Of Your Membership.

3.1 Academic Software

1. Educational computer code Is computer code sold At Discounted costs To Students, Teachers, And workers Of authorised Learning establishments.

2. On the positioning, Please don’t List Any educational computer code Unless you’re therefore licensed. Postings Violating Our Academic Software Policy May Be Deleted Prior To Publication.

3. For Postings of educational package On Behalf Of a licensed academic Reseller Or an academic establishment, Such Licensure should Be expressed prominently within the Listings. A Certificate Of Authorization Issued By The licensed academic Reseller (Or the academic Institution) should even be Provided.

3.2 OEM Software

Do Not List “OEM” Or “Bundled” Copies Of Software Unless You Are Selling It With Computer Hardware. Original instrumentation Manufacturer (OEM), Or Bundled Software, Is Software That Is Obtained As Part Of The Purchase Of A New Computer. OEM computer code Licenses sometimes compel The vendee From Reselling The computer code while not the pc Or, In Some Cases, Without Any Computer Hardware.

The Listing Or Sale Of Unauthorized (Pirated, Duplicated, Backup, Bootleg, Etc.) Copies Of computer code Programs, Video Games, Music Albums, Movies, tv Programs, pictures Or different Protected Works Is proscribed On The Site.

Changes to this product listing policy

We may update this product listing policy from time to time in order to reflect, for example, changes to our practices or for other operational, legal or regulatory reasons, so users are requested to check product listing policy periodically.

Contact us

If you have any queries or questions about this selling policy, Please contact us: By Mail: Lasting Software Pvt. Ltd. Plot no. 39, Industrial Area, Phase-1, Panchkula, Haryana-134113 By email: lsplpkl@gmail.com